About the Company

Agropartnerships Technology Ltd, a registered subsidiary of Farmforte™, is an innovative digital platform that gives everyone the opportunity to engage in Agribusiness anytime and on the go by funding farms and facilitating trades of agricultural commodities.

A simple, risk free and profitable program perfect for people looking to engage in Agriculture but don't have the knowledge, capacity or time to execute their agriculture desires.

They provide all the tools and handle all management necessary for a successful farming operation.

In Farmforte’s™ bid to create innovative solutions to existing problems in the African agricultural landscape and transform them into economic opportunities, they created Agropartnerships.

They required an online platform where users can invest in farms and trade commodities conveniently from anywhere without having to step foot on a farm while Agropartnerships provide the Land, Labor, Inputs, Machinery, Management and Expertise. At the end of a said period, users make their healthy returns.

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Phase 1 (Prototyping):

Agropartnerships needed a very user-friendly, beautifully designed, easy-to-navigate website.

We were tasked with creating a simple but attractive user interface, very responsive and with perfect organization of the content so users grasp as much information about the platform and products in a few clicks.

Phase 2
(Design Direction):

Agropartnerships already stood on solid footing with a strong parent brand, so our design team aimed to find the right balance between pushing for a new feeling while preserving its established influence.

Striking this balance may have been a challenge, but moving forward with the rest of the design became easier thanks to the information architecture established in the strategy phase. We made use of a rich array of agriculture related images and icons to bolster the general look and feel of the platform.



That’s averagely how long it takes an Agropartnership farm/commodity to get sold out since development of the platform

Phase 3
(Bringing it all together)

Agropartnerships is a simple and secure collaborative platform that enables you engage in profitable agribusiness opportunities from the comfort of your home.

The platform’s user interface and experience bolsters their brand and digital strategy by making information more readily available and browsing through farms and commodities to invest and trade in very easy. Users can track their investments and returns via a well-designed and responsive dashboard.


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